Improving the Work Environment

Provide a Comfortable Work Environment for All the Employees:

We are in the labor-intensive industry, and it increasingly becomes difficult to secure talented human resources.
To strengthen our business development further, we strive to provide our employees with great work ethics, an atmosphere conducive to training, and security in our employee retain ability.

Enhancement of Measures Promoting Work-Life Balance

Our company provides childcare sick-leave, supports retiree employment, and increases paid-time-off as no-overwork days. We continue to maintain a positive relationship with each of our employees through our integrity as a modern company. Programs in work: paid leave, family days, vacation factors, etc.

The Employment of the Physically Challenged

In 1983 we actively began employing workers with disabilities. We have employed various people, each with different challenges, within our Oshibori manufacturing family. Mainly for washing, folding and wrapping Oshibori in our headquarters’ factory in Kunitachi Tokyo.

Since 2010, we have improved the workplace environment to start employing handicapped people in other departments. In 2015, we hired some workers who were familiar with the work to full-time employees.

As of 2017, the percentage of disabled employees at FSX, Inc. is 17.33% where as the legally mandated employment rate is 2.2%. We have therefore been certified as a blue-chip corporation relating to the employment of persons with disabilities and have been awarded an honorable recognition of our company by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education.

We will actively recruit new graduates from special support schools and school for the deaf. Working together with currently able-bodied workers, we delegate each worker to compliment their capabilities. We will continue to work for people with disabilities to become necessary as a member of society through working at FSX with their abilities and adequacy.