Corporate History

Sept 1967
Founded Fujinami Towel Service Co., Ltd. in 7174 Yaho, Kunitachi-city, Tokyo
Dec 1976
Established Fujinami Towel Service Co., Ltd.
July 1979
Started Rental Business of roller towels and mats
July 1989
Established a factory in Uenohara (Yamanashi prefecture)
Nov 1993
Established the new headquarters factory
Apr 1995
Became a member of East Japan Oshibori Cooperative Union (
Sep 1997
Relocated the factory in Uenohara (Yamanashi prefecture)
Apr 2004
Started importing 100% cotton towels directly from Vietnam
Feb 2005
Opened the warehouse in Yotsuya, Fuchu-city, Tokyo
Sept 2005
Expanded the facilities and started full-scale operation of Rental Oshibori Service
Mar 2006
Launched Private Brand “LARME”: Solid air freshener ideal for towel warmer cabinet
June 2006
Established “Ulysses”: In-house web design studio
Feb 2007
Launched Private Brand “Aroma Paper Towel”: Scented single-use wet wipe
Feb 2009
Established E-Commerce site “e-shizai market”
Aug 2010
Set up the franchised business of “e-shizai market”
Jan 2011
Opened the Liaison Office in Hanoi, Vietnam
Feb 2011
Established NPO corporate Tokyo Self-Center named Tomony
Jan 2013
Established VB JAPAN TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD. on a premise
June 2013
Established Fujinami Hong Kong Co., Ltd. in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Sept 2013
Katsuyuki Fujinami took the president’s chair
Dec 2013
Completion ceremony of New Headquarters Factory
May 2014
Sales Release of “VB Care”: Patent granted Viral-Block wet wipes
Jan 2015
Started the collaborative study with University Research Administration Center, TOKYO UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE UNIVERSITY
May 2016
Co-sponsored G7 Ise-Shima Summit
Our Oshibori wet wipes were adopted at the International Media Center (IMC) and Press Tour for overseas media organized by Mie Citizens Council
July 2016
Established FUJINAMI TOWEL SERVICE SDN. BHD. in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Aug 2016
Established FSX America, Inc. in California, U.S.A.
Nov 2016
Fujinami Towel Service Co., Ltd. changed its company name to FSX, Inc. Organizational Reformation
Dec 2016
Started the rental service of washcloth Oshibori
Apr 2017
Renewed CI (corporate identity)
Jun 2017
Press-released “REION”, the warming/refrigerating cabinet for Oshibori, with our own totally new “Air Circulation Technology®”
Jul 2017
Developed a voluntary inspection system to independently evaluate the safety and quality of Oshibori
Dec 2017
Acquired the licenses for Manufacturer & Distributer of Cosmetics
Jan 2018
Fixed the export sales of our Oshibori to the Japanese chain restaurants in the U.S.
April 2018
Released Oshibori warming/refrigerating cabinet named “REION” (Large size)
April 2018
Redefined non-woven fabric Oshibori as Pocket Oshibori
May 2018
Released Pocket Oshibori Standard Series
Jan 2019
Declared the corporate stance [Co-existence]
Feb 2019
Released FSX Oshibori Tray made of domestic wood
June 2019
Released Oshibori warming/refrigerating cabinet named “REION” (Small size)
Sept 2020
Established FSX Fuji, Inc. (Yamanashi prefecture)