• FSX Oshibori

    Soft, smooth and durable commercial 100% cotton towels benefit from many years of internal developments.Developed, procuded, and delivered ourselves to our respect customers. Each customer has a contact personnel, so we provide the value-addes services to fulfill customers’ expectation to fit recycling and re-using of today’s society.

  • FSX Product

    In addition to 100% cotton Oshibori wet wipe, we propose, develop, and manufacture our original material wet wipes and related items.

  • FSX Commerce

    From managing Private Brand products
    E-Commerse site to the development of new sales channel(s) and marketing support

  • FSX Franchise

    We support our Oshibori Rental Business Members by providing our products and services. Including various kinds of backup supports: system analysis, bill collection management, quality assurance regarding customer communications, etc.

  • FSX Science

    We apply our hygiene technology, originated from Oshibori business, to hygiene and beauty products. We will continue to operate R&D and offer our “know-how” to provide reliable and safe products in a stable manner to external partner companies.

  • FSX Data & Communication

    We develop in-house systems, IT infrastructure, and provide technical support for employees. We provide the information utilization services such as: business productivity, operational application development to external partner companies, data of research, etc.